PADI Diver Courses

PADI Diver Courses

In order to enjoy Scuba diving, you need professional training and a diving certification. Big Blue can help you attain your chosen Scuba diver level. With Big Blue you can go from the initial introductory dives all the way through to becoming a dive professional. Big Blue can help you fulfill your scuba dreams.

Diving can lead to a lifetime of adventures in exotic destinations and an exciting profession, you can do anywhere in the world. Choosing Big Blue training means you're only satisfied with the very best. Big Blue has the highest training standards in the diving industry and our divers enjoy a worldwide reputation for being accomplished underwater explorers where each breath turns a new page in a journey into the unknown.

PADI Professional Courses

Are you ready to transform your life?

You've been a scuba diver for over six months, you may have already attained the Master Scuba Diver rating, and treated yourself to several fun-filled scuba diving vacations - but something's missing. Then one day you realize that you not only want to participate in scuba diving, but you want to teach the sport you have come to love.

PADI Specialty Diver Courses

PADI Scuba Diving Course Packages

No matter if you are planning to sign up to our diving courses, or if you have already completed the theory class and pool session and about to take the dive trip with us, we strongly recommend you take a few minutes and have a look at our excellent Course Packages. These Course Packages are based on our experience from past trips. They are designed so you will have more fun, save money, and collect more diving knowledge and skills on your trip.