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Dive Trip for Phuket, Thailand

Diving in Thailand has become very popular as the Kingdom is home to some of the finest and most beautiful beaches and islands in the world, surrounded by water and coral. The number of divers coming to Thailand has escalated over the past decade or so.

The underwater visibility in some places of Thailand reaches up to 40 meters; the sights of underwater mountains, coral gardens, undersea rock formations, hard and soft coral, whale sharks, silver tip sharks, manta rays and even sunken battleships becomes a pure pleasure.

The Andaman sea scenery is scattered with extensive coral reefs. Due to the influence of the southwest monsoon, most of the reefs surrounding the offshore islands occur on the east side of the islands.

Phuket Island has some decent dive sites and the largest diving center in Thailand. The reefs around the area are in a healthy condition with both solid and colorfully soft corals. There is also an abundance of marine life. Most of the dive locations are suitable for all levels of divers but there are also some that are quite deep.

Explore the Underwater Ancient City, Qiandao Lake

Qiandao Lake lies in Zhejiang Province which is about 400km away from Shanghai. The lake covers 573 sq. Km and there are 1078 islands in the lake region.

From April to October is the best season for vacation. The beautiful scene of the lake and great food will leave you a fantastic memory.

Our exclusive trip to Lion City which was built in Dong Han period(25 - 200), first was setup as county in 208, it was named "Lion City" because of the "Wu Shi mountain (Five Lion Mountain)" that sits just behind the city.

In September 1959, the Xin Anjiang Dam designed by china started construction to create a reservoir, 290,000 people were relocated from the city which they've lived for over one thousand years. The reservoir was designed to flood any area below an altitude of 108m above sea level putting Lion city at 30-40m underwater.

We will take you to explore this underwater ancient city, we call any dive on this site an "Exploratory Dive", because we need many more dives to get a good overview and map the area since the area covers a large region which is mostly unexplored!

Macro Heaven - Anilao, Philippine

The small fantastic world is always there, you just need to look, join us in Macro diving - Anilao of Philippines to spend a Big-Small adventure diving trip!

Just a two-and-a-half hour drive south of Manila, Anilao, is regarded as the birthplace of diving in the Philippines. There is something for everyone here - from snorkeling, to sites for both novices and the experienced diver.

In the mid-1960's, a whole coral reef was transplanted onto a large rock formation close to the shore. Contrary to popular belief at the time that the adventure would fail, the coral has flourished. As a result, diving has developed and is at the forefront of the industry in the Philippines to this day.

Visibility is good and the opportunities for photography are excellent. Unfortunately, as the area has developed, so some of the more negative aspects of this have become evident. In particular, dynamiting, collection of corals and shells and over fishing are just some of the challenges that Anilao and Batangas must face. Luckily, these are being addressed. Most of the best dives are actually found around the islands of Sombrero and Maricaban, a short boat trip away from Anilao.

A short drive north of Anilao is the quiet town of Nasugbu where good diving is abundant, so get out your magnifying glasses and your cameras and be prepared to swim with your head down.

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