How to use LiveCal

LiveCal is an iCal calendar format which can be used with various operating systems and programs: OSX, MS Office, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Gmail to name a few can all load a remote iCal file which is continually updated.

Big Blue makes great use of LiveCal internally and even our website is designed to work with LiveCal, now we're making available our public Calendar that you can load into your own space to keep up with our programs.

Below is a list of Applications that can work with LiveCal and some guides to setting them up.

Thunderbird+Lightning - Sunbird

If you are going to use Thunderbird you need to install the small Addon named Lightning which you can download form here: Lightning Plugin this is what we use. or you can use Sunbird which is a standalone program.

Open either Lightning or Sunbird and go to Calendar > New Calendar, for location choose: "On Network" and hit next. This next screen make sure "iCalendar format (ICS)" is select and paste this address in: http://big-blue.cn/cal/big-blue_en.ics hit next and you're all done!

iCal on OSX

Google Calendar

In Google Calendars in the 'My Calendars' option on the left hand side, select the "Add" box and choose "Add by URL", then enter the following URL http://big-blue.cn/cal/big-blue_en.ics, it should now load in your Google Calendar

Or Click this button

Outlook 2003

For outlook you'll need to use a plugin since outlook doesn't come with the feature, we recommend Remote Calendars which is opensource.

First close outlook and install vstor.exe from the prerequisite folder, then you can install RemoteCalendarsSetup.msi don't forget to read the README for this.

Once installed start Outlook and you might be presented with a new dialog, the default options are fine. Now you should have a new toolbar in outlook, look for an icon that is a Blue "RC" with a "+" sign on it and click it. For the URL enter http://big-blue.cn/cal/big-blue_en.ics and give it a name, leave the others as defaults and choose OK and you're done.