Scubapro Regulators - Overview

First Stages Piston Systems Diaphragm Systems
MK25T MK25 MK2 PLUS MK25 Nitrox MK2 PLUS Nitrox MK17 MK11
Technology Piston: Air-balanced flow-through
Piston: Classic downstream
Balanced Disphragm
Materials Chrome plated brass body
Full Titanium body
Cold Water Anti-freeze protection
Dry chamber
Nitrox compatible up to 100% oxygen contentration
Ports Lower Pressure (LP) Ports 5 5 4 5 4 4 4
High Pressure (HP) Ports 2 2 1 2 1 2 2
Swivelling turret with LP Ports
Configurations INT 232 Bar
DIN 300 Bar
Dedicaed Nitrox EN144-3 DIN 232 Bar
Externally adjustable intermediate pressure
Second Stages S600T X650 S600 S555 G250V R395 S555 Nitrox R295 Nitrox S600 R395 R295 R190
Technology Air-balanced
Classic downstream value
Materials Precision molded carbon fiber & technopolymer housing
Full metal barrel
Titanium components
Nitrox compatible up to 100% oxygen concentration
Breathing comfort Diver's adjustable inhalation effort
Diver's adjustable VIVA (Venturi initiated Vacuum Assist)
Pre-tuned VIVA system
Sturdy super-flow hose with kevlar lining for extra durability and flawless air delivery
High comfort orthodontic mouth piece
Exhaust valve Super high flow
High flow
Left and right attachment for extra convenience