Uwatec Dive Computers - Overview

  Galileo Sol Galileo Terra Aladin Tec 2G Aladin Prime Aladin One Smart Com
Heart rate monitor for additional physiological tailored decompression Available as upgrade        
Digital compass with bearing memory & navigational aid        
Dot matrix display with full flexibility        
Huge memory & graphic logbook for over 100 hours of stored diving and images        
Picture, map and message viewing function        
Graphic dive profile with graphic decompression & tissue saturation representation        
Interference-free hoseless gas integration for up to transmitters, including buddy tank          
Predictive multigas algorithm computes decompression for up to 3 mitrox mixes Available as upgrade 2 Gases      
Reprogrammable microprocessor for downloadable upgrades        
Depth limit: 330m in gauge mod; 120m for decompression, tested to 400m 120m 120m 120m 120m
Multiple screen configurations to choose size & information to display        
Full text warning and alerms        
Cell phone type menu nevigation        
Multiple languages: 6 pre-installed with more available for upgrade        
Personalization of owner and emergency information        
Core Uwatec technology
Configurable warnings for off / visual / audible / both On / Off only On / Off only On / Off only  
Stopwatch In gauge mode      
Air / Oil filled design with user-replaceable battery Air-filled user replaceable Air-filled user replaceable Air-filled user replaceable  
True remaining bottom time (RBT) calculation          
Safety stop timer (1-5 min & automatic or manual) Manual 3min, Manual 3 min, Manual  
Adaptive algorithm (ADT), Macrobubble reduction program (MB) and predictive multi gas (PMG) PMG as upgrade ADT Only ADT Only
Nitrox compatibility (% oxygen concentration) 21-100% 21-50% 21-50%
Oxygen toxicity / central nervous system (CNS) loading warning at 100% & warning option at 75%
Adjustable partial pressure of oxygen (ppO2) with MOD alarm (1.2 to 1.6bar) with off option Adj. 1.0-1.6 bar Adj. 1.0-1.6 bar Fixed 1.4bar Adj. 1.0-1.95 bar
Bookmark function with visual confirmation message      
Backlight 2 to 12 seconds or manual on / off 6 Sec. Passive
Gauge mode up to 330m with stopwatch & resettable Avg. depth 120m      
All silent option No Audible Warnings
Maximum depth alarm user set between 5-300m    
Dive time alarm with half time warning (turn around time)    
Automatic altitude adjustment for mountain lake diving
Fast response temperature sensor & temperature display
Dive planner for no-stop & Deco dives with freely selectable surface interval 3 Gas Deco Plan 3 Gas Deco Plan 2 Gas Deco Plan No-stop Plan   No-stop Plan
Profile Storage for 100hours at 4-seconds sampling rate, downloadable after dive 25 Hours 25 Hours 25 Hours 50 Hours
Polycarbonate replaceable screen protector in addition to 3M adhesive foil 3M full only Polycarbonate
Infrared technology for downloading to SmartTRAK / Upgrades / Upload pictures SmartTRAK Only SmartTRAK Only SmartTRAK Only SmartTRAK Only
Thermoformed carrying case        
Altimeter with 10m resolution      
Full watch function  
Constantly monitored battery status with low battery alerm
Desaturation reset (with code) via SmartTRAK  
Push buttons with function changing labels        
Water contacts On / Off  
Temperature display Every 4 sec.