Finally hot summer’s here, the sun is shining, don’t want getting out, just wanted to stay in air-conditioned office environment? How boring! It’s time to escape from the summer heat to have your refreshing vacation, stay in a seaside resort, put on swimsuit and rinse out greasy skin, relax on the beach, enjoy the sea breeze. When you feel bored, just splash in the water.

You also can bring your kids, run along with the beach, catching waves, or take them to discover more marine life, get more knowledge while playing.

Give yourself a summer vacation!

Big Blue News

  • Instructor Info
    Amy Ding – You may already know Amy from PADI’s WEIBO. She was a DM when PADI did the interview with her, and now she has taken the leap to become an instructor. Amy used to work in a bank, an enviable job. But as a Leo star sign, she doesn’t like a nine to five kind of job, is determined to challenge herself, and pursue a career she is passionate about. Amy likes to lead people to experience diving, to let people have the opportunity to get close to the wonderful underwater world and share the experience with others which gives her a great sense of accomplishment.

    Amy is a trendy mother as well, she loves to dress up her baby in different cloths. She also embraces fashion (particularly high heels), shopping, facials and manicures, she loves all these things . One day, when you meet a girl in the sea with a colorful manicure, pink mask, snorkel, and wet suit, that must be Amy. This is Amy’s wonderful diving life, but no need to envy her, you also can make it!
  • Instructor’s Profile
    This is not a gallery, it’s the wall to introduce Big Blue’s instructors. Is this cool?

  • Introducing diving to universities
    The continued bleakness of the Chinese labor market is putting university students under great pressure even before they have graduated. In fact, there is more than one choice in the life. At the end of June, Big Blue Diving has introduced SCUBA diving into two schools, expecting to lead them to have a taste of an amazing underwater world, to , to be under pressure in a different way!

Big Blue New Divers

Big Blue is greatly pleased to congratulate our students who are either recently certified OW divers or divers who have upgraded their certifications to a higher level.

  • PADI Rescue Diver
    Richelle Groen
    Yin Long
  • EFR - Emergency First Responder
    Huang Xiaoming
    Lao Liang
    Xu Zhezhen
    Zhang Qin
    Zhang Weichun
  • PADI Specialty Diver
    Carl Ennis - Dry Suit
    Liu Zuo - Dry Suit
    Xie Biao - Dry Suit
    Yin Long - Enriched Air
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver
    Come Veyre De Soras
    Wang Yi
  • PADI Open Water Diver
    Duncan Wang
    Erwin Van Doorne
    Gerald Neumann
    Hannah Foggin
    Hu Mingyin
    Seoyoung Park
    Stephanie Mitchell

Dive Trip Information

  • Explore the Ancient City - Qiandao Lake, China
    Qiandao Lake lies in Zhejiang Province which is about 400km away from Shanghai. The lake covers 573 sq. Km and there are 1078 islands in the lake region. From April to October is the best season for vacation. The beautiful scenery of the lake and great local food will leave you with fantastic memories.

    Our exclusive trip to Lion City, which was built in Dong Han period(25 – 200 A.D.), first was set up as a county in 208 A.D. It was named "Lion City" because of the "Wu Shi mountain (Five Lion Mountain)" that sits just behind the city. In September 1959, construction of the Xin Anjiang Dam designed by China started to create a reservoir; 290,000 people were relocated from the city where they‘d lived for over one thousand years. The reservoir was designed to flood any area below an altitude of 108m above sea level putting Lion city at 30-40m underwater. We will take you to explore this underwater ancient city, we call any dive on this site an "Exploratory Dive", because we need many more dives to get a good overview and map the area since the area covers a large region which is mostly unexplored!

    Departure Date: July 26th, 2013 (Fri)
    Return Date: July 28th, 2013 (Sun)

    Departure Date: August 9th, 2013 (Fri)
    Return Date: August 11th, 2013 (Sun)
  • Dive trip to Phuket Thailand
    The five-star resort is located in an idyllic location and set within lush tropical landscaping. This oasis of calm sits at the heart of one of Phuket's most vibrant and popular areas, Patong Beach, making it the perfect location for an enjoyable holiday with friends or family.

    This magnificent Phuket hotel consists of two separate wings. The Beachside features a total of 197 spacious rooms while The Lakeside has 221 rooms, each furnished with rustic charm.

    , cost included:
    - Travel Insurance
    - Transfer between the airport, hotel and dive site
    - 5 nights twin shared A/C room in Millennium Resort
    - Breakfast and buffet lunch
    - Soft drink, water, coffee and tea on boat
    - 3 boat dives for 3 days (9 dives altogether)
    - Tanks, weight and divemaster services
    - Dive equipments (May to October)

    Available any time – 2 people minimum

Course Information

Course Information for July and August, 2013

For more class information, please refer to

Travel in Thailand

Thailand is a wonderful country, full of stylish Buddhist temples, exotic wildlife and unique romantic and charming beach islands. More their own unique history and unique cultural backgrounds, including delicious Thai cuisine and Thai massage. No matter who you are in Thailand, you can always find something suitable for your trip. Climbing steep cliffs, crossing rapids, or ride an elephant, a variety of outdoor adventures in Thailand.

About an hour away from Bangkok is Kanchanaburi, with rolling hills and lush jungle, and hidden wildlife such as tigers and other endangered species. All of the hotels can arrange day trips or overnight tours. Beaches may seem like relaxing tourist locations, but in Krabi (Krabi) many people prefer to climb the cliffs around the beach looking for excitement.

Don your wetsuit to dive into the Andaman Sea where you can see another world; Andaman has the world's top dive sites, including sea turtles, the magestic whale shark and a variety of other marine life.

Northward, trek through dense forests; visitors often spend the night in remote hill tribe villages, who are keen to welcome guests and show their lifestyle. Other options include canoeing, cycling, motorcycling and elephant trekking. If you want to keep fit, a Muay Thai training camp for a day of training is also a good choice.

Best Place to Dive

Cayman Islands

Speaking of the Cayman Islands, many people think of money laundering, or opening an offshore company, right? Indeed, hardly any taxes are imposed in this tropical island escape, but it is also a paradise for divers.

Cayman Islands, 480 miles south of Miami, Florida, is composed of three Caribbean islands, including Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. These islands offer pristine reefs, rocky shores and broad, clean white sand on beaches dominated by coral formations. Cayman Islands’ scenic and pleasant climate has become the most attractive draw for tourists, temperatures remain relatively civilised even in summer with fresh sea breezes.

Grand Cayman definitely boasts the most attractive beaches of the Caribbean region, with endless beaches suitable for lazy days worshipping the sun, listening to the waves ebb and flow, gazing at the stars by night.

Cayman Brac is situated on the edge of a nearly 5000foot ocean trench, making it ideal for diving. Still mostly undeveloped, the environment is more natural, and when you jump in to dive your piece of blue-green sea and the spectacular coral reefs, a group of colorful tropical fish swarm all around you, so you can not help but feel one of them – I am a fish!

Know How

The basic knowledge on diving equipment

The light equipment includes mask, snorkel, wetsuit, gloves, booties and fins. Booties, gloves and wetsuits may need replacing every 3-5 years because of wear-and-tear, depending on frequency of use, but other equipment will last many years if well taken care of. Harry’s proud of his Mares Avantix fins, which he’s used since 2002 without ever having to replace a fin-strap!

Special Offer

- Air-balanced construction
Flow-through aircell allows unrestricted air movement

- Neoprene double-coated 420 Denier fabric
For extended longevity

- Thermoformed foam-padded back pad
Provides exceptional comfort; helps relieve tank weight in and out of the water

Price: 4,640 CNY
Discount: 30%
QTY: 1 pc
Size: XL

This offer is limited to a first come first served!

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