SCUBA Diving Equipment

Scubapro Compact Console Mako PG/Compass

Brand: Scubapro
Model: Compact Console Mako PG/Compass
Warranty: 1 Year

Price: 1280.00 RMB
In Stock: Yes


An all-in-one console in a compact and streamlined design with Uwatec analog compass and Scubapro pressure gauge. This is an excellect combination for divers who have the non-Air integrated wrist computer.

Analog Compass

  • Side view window for easy and precise navigation.
  • Ultra luminous dial for operation under difficult lighting conditions.

Pressure Gauge

  • Brass Housing, made of strong brass material for maximum durability.
  • Zero to 400 bar, suitable for all high pressure tanks.
  • Red zone between 50 and 0 bar for increased safety.
  • 10 bar increments, easy reading and understanding.

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